Leather Colours Currently Available

If there are two colours listed under a sample, eg Blue/Turquoise, it means that the base colour of the leather is blue and it has a light metllic foil overlay of turquoise.

The light foil overlays allow the base colour to be clearly seen and the foil is mainly on the raised part of the scales giving the leather a 3D look. 

If there is only one colour listed, eg Gold, it means that we have overlaid a heavy foil in gold on a base colour.

The heavy overlay lets a very small amount of the base colour show through, the scales are not as visable and there is more sheen.

Because the leather is a natural product and is not uniform, every single piece of jewellery we make is unique. If you are buying a pair of earrings we try our very best to have both earrings look the same as possible buy cutting them out of leather next to each other.

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